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9 Secrets to Staying Young & Looking Even Younger


Comprehensive Medical Spa

Premium quality Medical Spa services that were previously only available to Hollywood are now available to the public for the first time! 

Come and see why our clients are raving about the quality of our work and the results we deliver. Celebrities and other people alike are raving about the quality and experience at our elite medical spa.

Medical Spa

Beauty & Aesthetic Treatments

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to enhance your own unique beauty and help you develop more self-confidence. These treatments provide various results, all with the goal of helping you feel better about yourself in every situation.

For instance, BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are a nonsurgical option to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The CoolSculpting fat freezing, fat reduction procedure can melt fat away for good. And Ultherapy non-surgical facelift is able to sculpt your body using the power of ultrasound energy. People who suffer from severe underarm sweating, known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis which impacts both men and women, can now seek permanent treatment with BOTOX.

We have a non-surgical alternative to suit many common health conditions.

Other procedures offered include Juvederm, which smooths out lines from around your mouth and nose. Radiesse treatment stimulates the body to begin making its own collagen to smooth out lines and wrinkles. A prescription treatment, Dysport, helps reduce frown lines without treating other areas. Peels and other procedures treat specific issues to enhance a person’s appearance.

Advanced Technology

Nationally recognized for utilizing the latest technology and equipment to achieve maximum results for patients with  laser treatment.

Equipment such as the Lumenis IPL/Photofacial Quantum provides numerous treatments for various conditions, such as rosacea and spider veins. Enjoy improved skin quality and luminosity with the Quantel EXEL 02 fractional laser, which reverses skin damage and reduces dark circles and wrinkles.

Wide Array of Beauty Products

Not only do we provide numerous treatments to reveal the real you, we offer high-quality products to maintain your new look and further enhance your true beauty. Products such as Revision Skincare help reduce the signs of aging to bring back your youthful appearance.

Treat Hormonal Imbalance in Newport Beach

Is your life feeling a little lackluster? A hormone imbalance could be at cause, and our specialist Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic at Newport Beach has expert staff that offer revolutionary hormone optimization techniques with fewer side effects and better results. Using advanced blood testing and wellness profiling, we inspect each of your primary hormones for irregularities that could be causing a host of health problems – from unnecessarily severe menopause symptoms to uncontrolled weight loss and lethargy.

CoolSculpting: Non Downtime, No Incisions, Permanent Results

Freeze away your love handles, muffin top, or troublesome flabby arms permanently with our CoolSculpting fat reduction technology!

With up to 20% visible fat reduction possible after only one session, it’s the fastest way to a slim, beautiful body.

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Ultherapy – Beautifully Toned Skin Lives Here

Looking for a non-surgical way that you can give your skin a quick lift or tone? You’ve found the Ultherapy non-surgical facelift.

The FDA-cleared ultrasound technology used by this facelift procedure can tighten and tone skin around your neck, décolletage, chin, brows, and more…

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Love Your Hairline with NeoGraft

Pattern baldness or thinning hair (AAD) affects almost 50 million men and 30 million women in the US alone, and our NeoGraft FUE process is there to help you.

You deserve to love the hair you have, and the good news is that hair transplant results with NeoGraft look natural, leave no scar, and feel great.

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There’s a Medical Spa and Wellness Center Near You

Our premier wellness centers are conveniently situated at locations near you. And as one of the leading medical spa franchise opportunities in the U.S., our brand is growing fast!




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If want to age beautifully and ensure that you are always looking and feeling your best, contact us for details. whether you’re considering hormone optimization therapy, a hair transplant or other procedures, we are the most trusted Med Spa in the United States. Meet with our medical professionals for a consultation to find out how they can help you achieve optimal health and beauty.

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