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The safe, effective, and non-invasive fat freezing technology is now available at our CoolSculpting Los Angeles location. Our Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center experts will define an individualized treatment plan to regain your amazing youthful body.

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CoolSculpting Los Angeles Cost

With our CoolSculpting procedure, you get to pay way less than alternative fat removal procedures such as liposuction, without compromising on results.



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CoolSculpting Before & After

Stubborn fat deposits may give you an older unimpressive look. Revel in your new look by checking out your CoolSculpting Los Angeles before and after image.


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CoolSculpting Fat Freezing

The CoolSculpting Los Angeles treatment is 100% safe with no permanent or adverse side effects. Patients with extra sensitive skin may experience some tightness and mild discomfort a day or two after the first treatment.

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CoolSculpting Los Angeles Reviews

CoolSculpting has been enjoying lots of positive reviews from clients, expert practitioners, industry leaders, fashion leaders, and beauty magazines.


Get Fat Freezing CoolSculpting in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

Many people try to eliminate stubborn fat only to gain it all back. They exercise and diet but the trouble areas where flab builds up do not seem to change. Our CoolSculpting Los Angeles clinic now offers fat removal without surgery in the form of the CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure which uses cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology.

*Individual results may vary.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Through Fat Freezing!

Our CoolSculpting Los Angeles treatment is a non-surgical fat freezing procedure that gets rid of stubborn pockets of fat which won’t go away with diet or exercise. It is the only FDA-cleared procedure which uses patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells without surgery and with little to no downtime.

Those jiggly areas and fat bulges are driving you crazy, so why not try freezing fat off?

The CoolSculpting procedure is a simple, half hour in-office fat reduction procedure that can successfully achieve fat removal without surgery. Using Cryolipolysis, the CoolSculpting laser is able to achieve outstanding, permanent fat reduction for Los Angeles patients!

CoolSculpting fat reduction by Zeltiq was invented for the very purpose of non surgical fat removal of troublesome fat-prone areas of your body which have become resistant to diet and exercise.

We offer the best CoolSculpting in Los Angeles, and our professional practitioners can target your muffin tops, fat pads around your bra, your “love handles,” and stubborn belly fat.

We use 6 special fat reduction applicators to freeze fat, Los Angeles style – targeting your most troublesome fat deposits like:

  • Love handles
  • Muffin tops
  • Bra fat
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Saddlebags
  • Belly fat
  • Upper arms
  • Double Chin
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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The CoolSculpting Los Angeles treatment, despite substantial claims of high costs, is easier on the wallet when compared to drastic measures such as liposuction. The CoolSculpting cost in Los Angeles at our BHRC medical spa varies, depending on your areas of treatment, the number of sessions needed, and your desired goal.

But the good news is that the treatment can be tailored to your body and budget.

And don’t forget our ability to serve CoolSculpting Beverly Hills to people in the greater LA area!

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you have:

  • Fatty deposits in your anterior abdominal region (love handles), trunk (tummy), arms, or legs
  • Skin with a good level of elasticity and tone
  • Good level of overall health
  • Realistic expectations of fat reduction results

Then YES! The CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure is likely a great fit for you!

What Makes a Poor Candidate for CoolSculpting

Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve fat removal without surgery. The CoolSculpting procedure may not be the best non surgical fat removal procedure if you:

  • Are morbidly obese
  • Have larger fat deposits that are not classed as “localized”
  • Suffer elastosis – a loss of skin elasticity – which may be caused by excessive sun exposure
  • Have excessive scarring or skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis where you would like to freeze fat off
  • Have unrealistic fat freezing expectations.

But the good news is, our expert team can sit you down for a FREE consultation so you can find out if the CoolSculpting procedure is right for you.

Call or book a session online today!

CoolSculpting Before and After: Effective and Long Lasting Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting Los Angeles resultsNot convinced? Check out the CoolSculpting before & after results!

With CoolSculpting, the number of fat cells is actually reduced in the areas that are treated. This leads to proven, noticeable and lasting results making you appear slimmer and look great. The procedure works by freezing fat off with temperatures that trigger your body’s immune system to remove them naturally. It is a non-surgical fat removal procedure, therefore you don’t have to go under the scalpel.

BHRC can freeze fat, and Los Angeles residents benefit from specialist non-surgical treatments that take a holistic approach to fat reduction.

Since there are no quick fixes to fat reduction, the CoolSculpting laser procedure helps to achieve long lasting, sustainable fat reduction Los Angeles results. 


Does CoolSculpting Los Angeles Have Side Effects?

As with any aesthetic procedure, ask your physician if freezing fat off with the CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is appropriate for you. It can have side effects such as temporary redness, swelling, bruising, stinging, cramping or skin sensitivity due to prolonged exposure to the cold. These symptoms are normal and will usually self-resolve. They do not require any special treatment.

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If want to age beautifully and ensure that you are always looking and feeling your best, contact us for details. whether you’re considering hormone optimization therapy, a hair transplant or other procedures, we are the most trusted Med Spa in the United States. Meet with our medical professionals for a consultation to find out how they can help you achieve optimal health and beauty.

The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center first opened with the intention of providing residents of Southern California with a place to find unrivaled health and anti-aging care. Featuring only the absolute best in anti-aging products and the latest, top of the line machines, BHRC offer an experience unlike any other.

The idea for Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center started when founders Devin Haman and Dan Holtz, began to feel the effects of aging, despite their very active lifestyles. Devin and Dan were not content to simply accept symptoms such as loss of muscle mass, fatigue, and thinning hair as a result of aging, and realized that there were thousands like them who were dealing with the same problems.
BHRC strives to provide all of our patients with the latest and most advanced health and anti-aging procedures and programs. Treatment takes place in a comfortable, supportive, and discreet environment.

Since the opening of our first Los Angeles location in 2005, BHRC has opened additional locations in Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and is continuing to expand. With the goal of providing unparalleled health and anti-aging services all across America.

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