Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy

Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy

The Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy harnesses the amazing regenerative powers of light. Heal injuries, alleviate pain, create new mitochondria, and revive aging cells, all with the restorative properties of LED lights. Use the LLLT for complete health and wellness.


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Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy

The Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy harnesses the amazing regenerative powers of light. Heal injuries, alleviate pain, create new mitochondria, and revive aging cells, all with the restorative properties of LED lights. Use the LLLT for complete health and wellness.

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Using low level laser therapy, the PBM light pod directs the healing power of light to the damaged tissues and cells of your body. It triggers your body's ATP response gently inducing the regeneration processes so your body heals naturally without the need for medication.

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The low level laser therapy that you can get at our Los Angeles clinic is highly effective in reducing inflammations and helping ease the pain you feel after injuries or arthritis. The photobiomodulation therapy and oxidative stress reduction help faster recovery. 

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Alleviate neck and lower back pain with the help of low-intensity light therapy that can help relieve the discomfort without the need for artificial agents. Heal damaged muscles and induce healing with oxygenation and a boost in your body's rejuvenation abilities. 

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Low Level Laser Therapy has the power to slow and perhaps, even reverse the aging process. As your body creates new mitochondria, you'll feel your younger and energetic. Get a better-toned body with the fat dissolving powers of light and look fabulous. 

Low Level Laser Therapy in Los Angeles, California

The power of light and the positive chemical reactions that it can cause in your body have been well known over time. At the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, we bring you a very innovative piece of technology that harnesses this power to rejuvenate and revitalize you. When you visit us at our Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy center, you will learn about the NovoThor PBM Light Bed.  This system gives you whole body light treatment by way of a device that resembles a tanning bed but is much more than that.

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What is the Low Level Laser Therapy at Los Angeles All About

The NovoThor PBM Light Bed uses a series of light-emitting diodes or LEDs that can gently stimulate your skin cells to heal themselves. Light can be given at various frequencies. For instance, intense laser light using high power can burn or cut through tissue.  On the other hand, low power light has a soothing, healing effect on your tissues. As the light works on your body, it reacts with your cell membranes, enzymes, and cellular organelles to repair damaged tissue. You can take sessions that last from a minute to 10 minutes at a time. And, you will be amazed by their restorative properties.

Benefits of the Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy 

The LEDs and light therapy that you can take, have a range of desirable effects on your body. To begin with, it can reduce the inflammation in your tissues and can thus, relieve the pain you feel because of rheumatoid arthritis. If you have had neck or lower back pain, you will be surprised to see that the pain is much better. After taking a session at the Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy center, you will find that any wounds and injuries you have are healing faster. That’s because the light induces the body to create mitochondria that accelerate healing and regenerate tissues.

Rejuvenating Effects of the Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT

It will surprise you to know that the light rays produced in the Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy chamber are active only on damaged tissues. And, that it makes it absolutely safe to use. In fact, as they work on aging and dying cells, they can repair them, so you look younger and glow with health. Seeking to lose weight? The LLLT can melt fat cells by way of a biochemical reaction. If you have been experiencing hair fall, the red light could help accelerate the growth of new hair. LLLT, when directed at the top of the patient’s head can help stroke victims recover faster.

Should You Opt for the Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy 

Given the many positives of the Los Angeles Low Level Laser Therapy, it might just be the perfect answer for complete health and wellness. Experience the regenerative and restorative powers of this highly effective therapy that includes the power of LEDs for healing. You will emerge from the light bed looking and feeling younger and fantastic.

To know more about the exciting powers of light, visit us at our BHRC medical spa in Los Angeles. You can find all you need to know by way of a free consultation. Book an appointment today.

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