Autumn Robinson

BHRC content specialist with a BA in Women’s Health. Autumn is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

You Don’t Need the Knife – How to Get a Facelift Without Surgery

Technology continues to push forward and to give us surprising ways that we can solve longstanding problems. Medical procedures are an area that has always been rife with innovation, and today more than ever we’re seeing older technologies being used for new applications. Aesthetic procedures that once required going under the knife no longer require that kind of…

signs of aging

Myths About Stopping the Signs of Aging with Botox – Debunked

The signs of aging are a reality that come for all of us.  It’s how we deal with them that really counts.  Facing the signs of aging Wrinkles and fine lines are natural parts of life. They manifest for some of us more than for others, depending on a wide variety of factors including heredity, stress, and how…

dean cain

Dean Cain Uses Hormone Replacement Therapy to Restore His Spiralling Health

Superman Dean Cain loses 35 lbs. with the help of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center As a former pro football player and an actor who played Superman on the hit TV soap Lois & Clark, most people wouldn’t know that Dean Cain was actually a long-time sufferer of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and uncontrolled weight gain. In fact, for…

non-surgical face lift

A Lift Without the Knife – Ultherapy Non-Surgical Face Lift

Introducing the power of ultrasound with Ultherapy non-surgical face lift – the fastest and easiest way to get youthful results without a scalpel and surgery. How Does Ultherapy non-surgical face lift Work? Ultherapy’s secret is ultrasound energy. This non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate your body’s own natural healing process. Without harming the surface…

tri-luma cream

How to Treat Melasma Facial Pigmentation With Tri-Luma Cream

Many women around the world, along with a small percentage of men, could benefit from Tri-Luma cream to help with the issue of discolorations, skin pigmentations, age spots, and other skin conditions. One such condition is melasma. While this form of discoloration is not really harmful or painful, women like to take care of them for aesthetic reasons…

Skin Care Products Image

3 Skin Care Products You Can’t Live Without

Determining the most effective skin care products is very important. It’s  also vital to learn how to use them properly and understand the benefits they can provide to keep your face glowing and beautiful. Learn how to select the best facial care cream product for your face and other areas of your skin that you especially want to…

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

What Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

“What is NeoGraft hair restoration and how does it differ from other hair restoration procedures?” is  being asked by more people look at alternatives to surgery for hair loss.  Hair loss can be a devastating problem for both men and women. Many see this as a sign of aging that they can’t fight and it effects their self-esteem.…

Anti-Aging Secrets

5 Anti-Aging Secrets You Didn’t Know About

While no one claims to have discovered the fountain of youth, anti-aging secrets do exist which can make others wonder if you’ve made the discovery. Remove years from your face, body and life with these five Anti-Aging Secrets, tricks and strategies. Sesame Oil – the Secret At-home Remedy Fans of sesame oil swear that it helps a person…


Holiday Changes: Your Anti-Aging New Year’s Resolution

What will you do for yourself this holiday season? Between the events and celebrations, friends and family, gifts and drinks, and hopes and dreams, the holiday season can be exciting and exhausting in equal measure. In this time we can often forget to give ourselves the proper time to digest the events happening around us, and to allow…

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