Otoplasty Surgery for You

Jason Townsend

Jason is a health writer for the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and a minimalist lifestyle designer with a focus on personal health and wellness. He is a Personal Trainer and an advocate for naturopathic and holistic healing therapies that create an exceptional quality of life.

Otoplasty: Is This Ear Surgery Procedure Really Right for You?

Otoplasty, a form of ear surgery, can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the ear, in particular: the shape, position or proportion. Otoplasty can correct a birth defect or treat misshapen ears caused by injury – restoring confidence and self esteem. So if you hate the look of your ears… Have you heard of Otoplasty? But…

body plastic surgery

Use These 6 Non-Surgical Body Plastic Surgery Alternatives to Transform Your Looks

The top non-surgical cosmetic procedures for body plastic surgery are laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, botox, IPL laser treatment, and CoolSculpting fat freezing. These nonsurgical cosmetic procedures use different chemicals (such as the botulinum toxin injection) and heat therapy to contour the body – allowing you to show off your best skin ever. But even knowing this,…

Dermal fillers under eyes

Using Dermal Fillers Under Eyes to Remove Under-Eye Hollows

If you’ve noticed dark circles or bags under your eyes lately, or if you are always being told you look tired, getting dermal fillers under eyes may be something you want to consider. These days, under eye fillers for dark circles are very popular, as the procedure is quick and works wonders to remove under-eye hollows. Not sure…

Brazilian butt lift

11 Reasons to Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift to Lift The Buttocks

If you’re looking for that perfectly rounded butt that can fill those jeans like a dream, then you need a Brazilian butt lift. The BBL procedure can give you sensual contours and make you look young and appealing. Using injections containing minute amounts of fat harvested from various sections of your body, a surgeon shapes and defines your curves so…

health and beauty trends 2017

The Top Health and Beauty Trends for 2017

Every advancement in science brings newer and better anti-aging techniques and a host of health and beauty trends that follow suit. And many beauty treatments can enhance your stunning good looks and reverse the effects of aging and environmental damage. So, what new health and beauty trends will 2017 bring for you? Read ahead to find out more about…

Laser hair removal benefits

Using Laser Hair Removal Benefits to Achieve Permanent Results

Whether for aesthetic purposes or good old hygiene, hair removal has become a necessity over the years, and has given publicity to laser hair removal benefits. Among the various methods, laser hair removal is recognized all over the world and have been in use since 1997. Both men and women are increasingly opting for laser hair removal as…

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