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Good Lip Fillers: What Works And What Sucks?

Kylie Jenner’s famous pout has been the best advertisement for good lip fillers since the invention of lip augmentation. She inspires many to seek out lip augmentation products that are..

Is Vaginal Botox Really A Thing?

Is Vaginal Botox Really A Thing, and Why Would You Want It?

Botox in your vagina! Sounds really strange, right? Well, not until you learn just how much vaginal botox has changed many women’s lives. And the lives of their partners. Many..

How To Get Rid Of Chin Fat?

How to Get Rid of Chin Fat: The Latest Technology Revealed

Chin fat can be even more frustrating than cellulite, love handles, and other types of stubborn fat. You ask why? It’s because it’s right there on your face. Everyone you..

Botox vs Dysport - BHRC

Botox Vs Dysport: Age-Defying Skin Care Compared

Non-surgical esthetic treatments are popular ways to avoid the signs of aging, and both Botox Vs Dysport have been touted as the top contenders for the most natural-looking results.  But..

Botox vs Juvederm

Botox Vs Juvederm: All You Need to Know

Wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable as part of the aging process. But they make us look so tired and..

undereye injectable fillers

Get Rid of Those Bags! 4 Ways to Treat Under Eye Circles

Is everything ok? You look exhausted. Is something wrong? Did something happen? You might be tired of hearing these kinds..

restylane rewards

Restylane Rewards – Less Stress, High Safety, and Scar Removal

Over time, the natural forces of aging can take a toll on the face. It’s a reality that everyone’s face must face. However we are not without tool to help..

signs of aging

Myths About Stopping the Signs of Aging with Botox – Debunked

The signs of aging are a reality that come for all of us.  It’s how we deal with them that really counts.  Facing the signs of aging Wrinkles and fine..

reduce underarm sweat

10 Ways to Reduce Underarm Sweat Without Surgery

Sweating is nature’s way of protecting your body from overheating, but when the sweat stains on your clothes become a cause of embarrassment to you, it’s time to look for..

caroline burt

Dash Doll Caroline Burt Shares Her 4 Secrets for Looking Her Best

As a professional DJ, music producer, and lead cast member of the hit TV series Dash Dolls on E!, Caroline Burt knows a thing or two about looking her best...

Dermal fillers under eyes

Using Dermal Fillers Under Eyes to Remove Under-Eye Hollows

If you’ve noticed dark circles or bags under your eyes lately, or if you are always being told you look tired, getting dermal fillers under eyes may be something you..

dermal fillers

Guide to Dermal Fillers: Juvederm Vs Botox

When women think of cosmetic procedures to erase lines and remove wrinkles, the comparison between Juvederm vs Botox are often the two products that come to mind. While both are..


Fragrance Is Healthy, Here’s What You Should Know

All animals release natural body odor: it’s a biological part of existence that many people have forgotten is natural and healthy. Some animals utilize smells to send out warning signals..

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