Cellese AnteAge with STEM Cytokines

The fountain of youth will always be fiction. Unfortunately, no matter how far you travel, no matter how vast your research, you will never find a font spewing magical water that will keep you eternally young or return you to your glory days. Magic, unfortunately, cannot be relied upon—which is why we have science.

Cellese AnteAge with Stem Cytokines takes fullest advantage of scientific advancements to bring you as close to a fountain of youth as is scientifically possible (without going under the knife).

Cytokine Anti Age Image

Derived from mesenchymal stem cells, known in the body as the “911 system for repair and rejuvenation,” Cellese AnteAge uses the body’s natural response to injury to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Like all stem cells, mesenchymal respond to injury by becoming the cells that are needed—for instance, becoming heart cells if the heart has been damaged—but mesenchymal stem cells also secrete chemicals at the site of the injury to aid in repair. These chemicals are called cytokines, and they help manage damage control, wound repair, and healing within the body.

The cytokines in Cellese AnteAge are specifically cultivated to respond to skin damage in particular. Because they are your body’s own method of intensive repair, when these cytokines target the damage done to your skin, they essentially transform your skin’s appearance. The cytokines in Cellese AnteAge act as beautifying chemicals; natural, but chemically and scientifically advanced solutions to all the issues that plague your skin due to damage inflicted by the outside world.

At The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center helping you achieve your beauty goals is our top priority. We only prescribe the best products to and perform the most effective procedures on our clients, which is why we carry AnteAge with Stem Cytokines. Cellese AnteAge is among the best, highly referred treatments on the market.

If you are looking to significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin, Cellese AnteAge may be for you. Make an appointment at The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and find out how Cellese AnteAge can help you.