Boost Oxygen Content With CVAC

Boost Oxygen Content With CVAC

Receive the benefit of fresh oxygen, and subsequent forced removal of toxins, trains your body to re-oxygenate faster, and more efficiently. Boost oxygen content in your bloodstream and take your fitness to the next level with CVAC.

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CVAC Boost Oxygen Content

Boost Oxygen Content With CVAC

Receive the benefit of fresh oxygen, and subsequent forced removal of toxins, trains your body to re-oxygenate faster, and more efficiently. Boost oxygen content in your bloodstream and take your fitness to the next level with CVAC.

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CVAC offers improved oxygen utilization and glycolytic energy production, combined with enhanced recovery in a controlled pod.

Energized Red Blood Cells

Energized Red
Blood Cells

Mimicking altitude training accelerates your body’s ability to produce erythropoietin, which increases your red blood cell mass.

Cellular conditioning


The CVAC generates cellular conditioning within your body through cyclic barometric pressure, temperature and air density.

Competitive Edge


The CVAC method is able to offer a distinct advantage, cycling through altitude changes over 200 times in a 20-minute session.

For decades, athletes have relied upon altitude-based training regimens to naturally boost oxygen content in their blood, and now you can too. The CVAC machine is used to mimic high altitude training, where oxygen levels are lower. The low air pressure inside the chamber is dynamically varied, causing your body to react in a natural and automatic way.

Using CVAC to Boost Oxygen Content in Your Bloodstream

CVAC sessions can accelerate your body’s ability to produce erythropoietin, which increases your red blood cell mass and can boost oxygen content. With this trained advantage, you can maximize your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and deliver it to your muscles when you compete at normal altitudes.

CVAC: Not Just for Athletes

It is not only high-performance athletes who can benefit from a CVAC session to boost the oxygen content in their bloodstream. People of all fitness levels have experienced positive effects from CVAC sessions, which is why BHRC medical spas https://bhrcenter.com/location/ are proud to offer this technology across the United States.

While elite athletes have famously garnered amazing results from CVAC technology, there are a wide range of benefits also to be gained by everyday people of varying fitness levels. In general, CVAC training improves your overall level of fitness and mental acuity: desirable results for anyone from any walk of life.

In addition to a boost in oxygen content, a customized CVAC program can improve muscle efficiency at the cellular level, provide greater muscle endurance, and increase the ability to tolerate lactic acid production: advantages that will help anyone make the most of any fitness routine, regardless of the person’s fitness level.

In fact, people who suffer from fatigue are some of the most ardent supporters of CVAC technology, claiming that their endurance, stamina, and energy have all improved as a result of the sessions. CVAC training has also been known to reduce swelling and inflammation, improvement in alertness and mental acuity, and improve the quality of sleep.

So Good It ‘Violates The Spirit Of Sport’

Fightland referred to a study at the University of Hawaii, which concluded that there was clear evidence that people in the study who used the CVAC system showed “increased arterial oxygen saturation.

CVAC Systems itself also referred to the University of Hawaii’s study, in addition to another blind study which showed significant benefits for middle-aged men at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and another study which showed that CVAC treatment resulted in pain relief for people who had been diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder, and who were unable to exercise as a result of the disorder.

Interestingly, and quite apart from the blind studied and peer-reviewed journal articles, the World Anti-Doping Agency has also weighed in on CVAC training, stating their belief that altitude training in hypoxic chambers, such as CVAC, violates the “spirit of sport.”

And that may just be the best review of CVAC of all.


Medical Spa & Anti-Aging Center

At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, our primary goal as a premier wellness center and anti-aging medical spa, is to rebalance and rejuvenate your body, and allow you to feel in control again. BHRC makes use of the latest advancements in medical knowledge and technology to make that happen. For over 10 years, we’ve led the pack when it comes to cutting edge technologies, pioneering a proprietary hormone optimization therapy program, as well as offering a high level of service to the wellness and aesthetics industries.

Among the treatments offered to BHRC clients are Neocutis bio serums, a suite of InMode body contouring technologies, BodyFX fat and cellulite removal, stem cell therapy, Ultherapy non-surgical facelift, NeoGraft hair restoration, CVAC hypobaric chamber, BHRT, HydraFacial, Botox Cosmetic dermal fillers, medical grade peels, Vanquish ME, and many more.

There are currently BHRC medical spas in a number of locations across the U.S.: Los Angeles, Dallas, Scottsdale, Southlake, and the newest addition, Newport Beach.


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The CVAC Process: Improve Your Body, Effort Free

If you’re looking for increased stamina, better recovery time after workouts, improved sleep and overall endurance, then you need to consider the CVAC. Developed over 30 years ago, the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning (CVAC) process utilizes changes in air pressure to improve your overall fitness without the physical stresses of traditional exercise.

With applications for wellness, athletic performance and medicine, the process adapts your body to various rhythm-based changes, stimulating your body’s natural environmental adaptation response. What does that mean, and how can it help improve your body?

By cycling your body through various changes to pressure, temperature, and air, CVAC teaches your body to improve its adaptation response to stressors. The CVAC can help improve responses to resistance exercise, adaptation to high altitude, temperature, barometric pressure and more, and provides conditioning in all these regards without requiring any exertion on the part of the participant.

Simply: the CVAC can enhance your ability to exert yourself physically by conditioning your physicality through strategic changes in pressure, air, temperature, and more. These are changes that one could experience through weeks of conditioning through strategically planned runs or other types of workouts, but the CVAC allows for this conditioning to take place with no exertion necessary.

The CVAC process takes place in the CVAC Pod: a comfortable, single occupant chamber in which a participant sits during his or her treatment. Each participant’s response to the pressure changes is unique, but on the whole, the CVAC process increases the participant’s ability to adapt to various physical environments.

Who couldn’t benefit from improved fitness?

No matter your level of physicality—from Olympian to couch potato—the CVAC can help improve your physicality. Users of the CVAC have reported increased stamina, enhanced athletic performance, better quality sleep, and improved feeling of alertness and mental acuity. With the CVAC, you can accomplish all these achievements with no effort necessary.

Improve your gym life and invest in your body: The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers are among the few health centers that provide the opportunity to use the CVAC and transform your physicality.

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