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Why Multi-Unit Franchisees are Buying Botox® Businesses

Here at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, we pride ourselves on being on top of trends. It’s more than a source of pride. It’s a big part of our business model...

Why Medspas are Growing Faster than the Economy

When you’re in the medical spa business, you can’t help but notice that this is an industry that’s not just doing well, it’s doing very well. How well? We’re glad..

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s Devin Haman Appointed as a Forbes Los Angeles Business Council Contributor

Devin Haman, CEO of the nation’s premier anti-aging and medical spa franchise, will be featured as a leading LA business expert in regular contributed articles Devin Haman, CEO of Beverly..

How much does it cost to open a medical spa franchise?

Some franchise companies will tout how affordable and inexpensive it is to buy into their company. We’ll go the other way. In other words, we’ll be honest, though, sure, we..

5 Reasons to Own a Spa Franchise

5 Reasons to Own a Spa Franchise

For the right person, opening a medical spa franchise can be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, doctors are..

How to Start a Botox Business

We live in a Botox culture. Many people are resisting the aging process, and they’re willing to fight to stay..

The $4 Billion Medical Spa Industry is Emerging as a High Upside Franchise Opportunity

It’s not enough anymore to look good. You need to feel good. You’ve probably noticed that. Appearances have always been important, or at least for a long time – the..

Why It’s Important (and Not Expensive) to Hire a Medical Director for Your Spa Franchise

If you’re thinking of buying a medical spa franchise – well, let’s not be coy – if you’re thinking of buying a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise, you need to..

Are You Qualified to be a Medical Franchise Owner?

That’s a question we are asked every day. People say things like: It sounds wonderful, owning a medical spa and helping people look and feel better. I like the idea..

When is the Best Time of Year to Open a MedSpa Franchise_

When is the Best Time of Year to Open a MedSpa Franchise?

If you have been thinking of opening a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center medical spa franchise, and you’re geared up and excited and quite sure you’re going to do this, you..

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