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Reduces wrinkles, slow the effects of aging, and restore skin to its youthful beauty with Fractora laser body contouring technology. Look and feel younger without plastic surgery, today!

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9 Secrets to Staying Young & Looking Even Younger

Fractional Resurfacing - BHRC


Reduce wrinkles, frown lines, crows feet, and reverse the signs of aging with powerful fractional resurfacing technology - Fractora!

Reverse Saggy Skin - BHRC

Saggy Skin

Turkey neck, double chin, and tired, saggy skin beware! Now you can use effective RF laser technology to stimulate collagen generation and naturally tighten your skin.

RF Facial Resurfacing - BHRC

RF Facial

You don't need surgical facial resurfacing methods to restore your youthful beauty. High powered, anti-aging radio frequency technology can transform your looks safely.

Firm Skin Without Surgery - BHRC

Firm Skin
Without Surgery

Dreaming of a beautiful face with firm skin, no wrinkles, and a youthful radiance? Dream no longer. Restore your skin with safe facial resurfacing- no scalpel required.

Beautiful Skin with Fractora

Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various depths in your skin. This unique technology mimics the results of more aggressive surgical treatments but without their associated downtime, prolonged redness, and pigmentation drawbacks.

In fact, the Fractora by InMode technology can be used to:
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  • Rejuvenate and restore your skin
  • Improve superficial skin tones
  • Reduce wrinkles, acne and skin contraction
  • Minimal downtime
  • Revitalize collagen
  • Achieve youthful more radiant appearance

It’s a non-surgical plastic surgery alternative that can produce beautiful body contouring results, fast.

Tighten Saggy Skin, Facial Resurfacing, and More!

If you have and face and body areas that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scarring, then you’re suitable for treatment!

The most common areas you can use Fractora are:

  • Lower eyelid
  • Upper eyelid
  • Smile lines
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Neck

That’s because the treatment system uses fractionated RF energy – a scientifically proven method that reduces wrinkles and skin blemishes. It is able to resurface and restore the skin with almost no patient downtime.

Fractora FAQs

  • QUESTION: How many sessions will I need?
    ANSWER: Depending on the Fractora treatment regime recommended by our specialists, you can expect to have between 1-6 sessions.
  • QUESTION: When will I see results?
    ANSWER: Visible results can be seen immediately. The most noticeable results generally appear after two weeks with improvements continuing up to three months after treatment.
  • QUESTION: Why RF energy? 
    ANSWER: RF energy is a proven technology that heats the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen generation. There is no other technology that can achieve results as simply as Fractora treatment.
  • QUESTION: Can I apply makeup after my treatment?
    ANSWER: Makeup can be applied 1 to 2 days after treatment. You may see micro lesions (red spots) a few days after treatment, and slight redness for up to 1 week. These will both disappear quickly.

Fractora Before & After

Fractora Results Image Fractora Results Image Fractora Results Image Fractora Results Image
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