Make BHRC’s Gentle Cleanser Part of Your Moisturizing Routine

“Do you moisturize?” A typical question our providers ask when patients comment on the quality of their skin. Ingrained in the fabric of our society, moisturizing is a necessary element for preserving natural beauty and healthy skin. But there are thousands of moisturizing options lining the walls of pharmacies and supermarkets, all of which pledge to achieve the same results. At BHRC Scottsdale, we don’t inundate our clients with countless brand selections because we believe in curating only the best skincare products.

Moisturizing Products Image An example of this is our daily Gentle Cleanser. By maintaining consistency in your skin’s care with the Gentle Cleanser, you will have a reliable partner in crime to fend off whatever dirt and grease your pores accumulate. The BHRC Gentle Cleanser is made from aloe vera, chamomile extract, glycolic acid, shea butter and olive leaf extract for cleaner, more radiant skin. Your skin deserves to be smooth and refreshed. One application of our Gentle Cleanser each morning is all you need to routinely treat your skin right. BHRC Scottsdale promises you: Your friends will be envious. Just try to keep them away from your medicine cabinet!



Using a Gentle Cleanser for Healthier Skin is One of Many Steps You Can Take to Excel in a Complete Healthy Lifestyle

NWHW-logo-Image Healthy skin is especially noteworthy now as we are currently in the middle of National Women’s Health Week (NWHW). NWHW’s mission is to drive women to pay more attention to their health by raising awareness of pertinent areas of concern. On Friday, NWHW will be incorporating healthy skin care strategies into their “Healthy Behavior” social media segment on platforms like Pinterest and Twitter, so be sure to follow along. One of NWHW’s recommended tips is to avoid smoking and second-hand smoke, as cigarette toxins contribute to skin discoloration, coarser skin and aging skin. BHRC Scottsdale fans can join the NWHW conversation on Twitter by including #NWHW at the end of each Tweet. For more information on products and services for health-conscious women, visit the home of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center here.

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