CVAC Performance Enhancement: The Ultra-Modern Fitness Pod

At age 57, it’s amazing how Tony Robbins can manage to stay so vibrant and energetic. The life coach, author, and entrepreneur can hold a 4,000-strong audience engaged for over 50 hours spread over 4 days, and keep going for another event the very next day. There is no stopping his seemingly Unlimited Power.

Tony attributes his unstoppable power to his keen emotional and mental fitness coupled with his dedication to achieving peak physiological fitness. To maintain this optimal health and vitality, one of his secret weapons is the futuristic Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning machine, or CVAC performance enhancement pod.

What’s a CVAC Performance Enhancement Pod?

Think of endurance sportsmen and women who undergo intense high altitude training. It increases their red blood cell production and enables their bodies to circulate more oxygen more effectively. Hyperbaric chambers perform this exact function by increasing air pressure. The CVAC, on the other hand, is a vast improvement on hyperbaric chambers and its effects are longer lasting.

The CVAC performance enhancement pod works by producing constant and rapid pressure changes, simulating altitude changes varying from sea level to 22,500 feet and higher. Your whole body, including internal organs, undergoes cyclic pressure shifts. These are rhythmical changes that alternately relax and compress your body. The pod has state of the art monitors which accurately chart the atmospheric peaks, plateaus, and drops and their effect on your body.

Each treatment session lasts only 20 minutes to negate the adverse effects usually faced by mountain climbers when they ascend or descend great heights. Since exposure at each altitude is minimal, the body doesn’t require prolonged acclimatization between different altitude points.

CVAC Results

A user simply lies inside the machine and relaxes and the machine does the rest. You can read a book, a smartphone, or even a laptop.

CVAC Systems, the makers of the CVAC performance enhancement pod, maintain that the treatment has the same benefits as an intense workout. These include improved stamina, improved cognitive fitness, reduced inflammation, lactic drainage, accelerated weight loss, and improved hormonal balance among other benefits.

Who Uses CVAC?

Apart from Tony, another remarkable personality who swears by the CVAC performance enhancement pod is Novak Djokovic, who’s regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. 66-year-old Dr. Phil McGraw credits the machine for his good health and enviable stamina.

The CVAC performance enhancement pod is ideal for patients who suffer from fatigue. It works for anyone trying to improve their endurance and increase stamina. Elite athletes who are at their peak physical state have reported improved efficiency and increased power in their training regimens after regular sessions in the CVAC pod.

How Does CVAC Work?

When exposed to hypobaric hypoxia, the body compensates by producing more red blood cells. This is to improve quantity and concentration of oxygen molecules supplied to muscles and body tissue from the lungs through the bloodstream. CVAC works by simulating altitude changes by rapidly alternating air pressure and density. By regular exposure through repeat treatments in the CVAC performance enhancement pod, users reap continued and long term benefits.

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