BHRC Expanding to Florida

Since December, BHRC has been refreshing faces at the first South Florida clinic established in Boca Raton. The expansion into the Sunshine State is another milestone of the company’s growth and success as it continues to spread its footprint nationally.

“Over the last 12 years, advances by medical science related to managing the aging process have been nothing short of phenomenal,” said BHRC co-founder Devin Haman, noting that more and more people are investing in themselves to achieve a younger, healthier appearance.

“Standing on the shoulders of remarkable physicians, we created a suite of non-surgical, minimally invasive services that improve our client’s health and appearance. These services were at one time something that was only available to Hollywood celebrities. We look forward to bringing our winning formula to South Florida and servicing a wider array of clients at our Boca Raton clinic.”

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