BHRC in Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Rejuvenation Without a Nip and Tuck

The first Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center opened in Los Angeles with one goal: provide long-lasting, natural anti-aging treatments. BHRC positions themselves as a better rejuvenation option than a traditional nip and tuck. It has now since grown into a multi-state med spa franchise.

BHRC Comes to Texas

Heather Tindell Barney, director and co-owner of all the BHRC locations in Texas, realized that several BHRC clients would travel from other states to go to the original location in Los Angeles. She has locations in:

Barney decided to open her first location in the Dallas area five years ago, and the success of that location has led to two new locations coming to Fort Worth this year in March and November.

Why BHRC is Growing

Barney mentions in this interview how her plan is to monopolize the Fort Worth area. She sees an opportunity to provide everyday people with natural, long-lasting anti-aging treatments that are used by celebrity A-listers to keep themselves looking young.

One of the reasons BHRC is growing so fast is that it is the perfect alternative to people who don’t want cosmetic surgery. The procedures are natural and provide results for years. Ultherapy, which is a non-surgical facelift, lasts for between three and five years. CoolSculpting, which is an alternative to liposuction, is permanent. Stay tuned to see when the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise officially opens in Fort Worth.

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