Greg N – San Diego

Greg N. – San Diego

BHRC and their wonderful staff are a fantastic organization!! From the moment you walk into their office, you get the sense you are there to be pampered and cared for like you are their only patient. BHRC prescribed for me the perfect bio-identical hormone combination. I was suffering from hypo-thyroid (Hashimoto’s), low testosterone, and other imbalances that lead to weight gain, irritability, insomnia just to mention a few.

So to BHRC I say this: I am truly thankful for such informative, helpful, and solution-provided appointments thus far. I appreciate all you have done to get my life back on track. I love every minute that I am starting to feel human and alive again!! Thanks for your help in getting me there.

I strongly recommend BHRC and their wonderful staff without hesitation.


"The place to rejuvenate from the inside out."


"BHRC - My unhidden secret."

Janice Dickinson Review BHRC Med Spa

"BHRC is my favorite for keeping my skin looking young and refreshed."

Gretchen Rossi BHRC Review
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