LD – Westwood

L.D. – Westwood

I first heard about the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center from a friend who had gone there for botox treatments. She told me what a great experience she had there, and that the prices and service were outstanding. I decided to make an appointment for some aesthetic treatments, and was extremely pleased with the results. During my visit, I noticed a brochure about bio-identical hormones. When I started reading the brochure, it occurred to me that I was experiencing some of the symptoms that were mentioned. I asked for a consultation, and was surprised to find out that some health issues I had been experiencing for quite some time were very easily correctable.

“That was six months ago, and I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved dramatically. With a modest dose of testosterone, progesterone, and thyroid hormone, my energy is better than it’s been in the last 15 years. My PMS symptoms are gone and I’ve noticed a significant body fat reduction as well. I’m so grateful to everyone at BHRC for helping me turn back the clock and feel like I did in my 20’s!”


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