AN – Los Angeles

A.N. – Los Angeles

I am 55 years old. I began with BHRC 4 years ago. My treatment has addressed low testosterone and low thyroid both of which were causing me negative symptoms. As I have aged these last 4 years I have lost 10 pounds, my body fat has decreased from 26% to 16%. My libido has increased. My energy level and enthusiasm have gone way up and my mental alertness is great again. At a point in life when I see my peers aging… I seem to have gone in the other direction!

“The bottom line is the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced. I simply feel I have grown younger and healthier thanks to the care and treatment of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.”


"The place to rejuvenate from the inside out."


"BHRC - My unhidden secret."

Janice Dickinson Review BHRC Med Spa

"BHRC is my favorite for keeping my skin looking young and refreshed."

Gretchen Rossi BHRC Review
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