I wanted a more volumized, rounder, and lifted butt. This was important to me because I work out a lot and toning my butt has been something I’ve been focusing on. I ultimately decided to get a Sculptra Butt Lift at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

The experience only took about two hours and I did three treatments to get the results I have today. I was numbed with lidocaine injections so I felt nothing during the entire treatment.

Immediately after, I was a little sore and bruised from the injections. I had to massage the treatment area five times a day for five days following the procedure. Once the collagen began to stimulate the area, I noticed that my cellulite and stretch marks had disappeared and my butt had lifted quite a bit.

It has now been one year since my first treatment and I am still seeing the benefits from the Sculptra injections. The tone and texture of my skin has had vast improvement and my butt is still lifted. I find myself working my glutes more at the gym now so I can maintain the look I achieved with Sculptra Butt Lift.

I am so happy I did this treatment because it gave me the look I was after. I feel more confident when I am wearing swimsuits and gym clothes. I am so thrilled with the appearance that I brought all thong swimsuits when I went on a Miami vacation!

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to add some volume and lift or address cellulite and stretch marks.



"The place to rejuvenate from the inside out."


"BHRC - My unhidden secret."

Janice Dickinson Review BHRC Med Spa

"BHRC is my favorite for keeping my skin looking young and refreshed."

Gretchen Rossi BHRC Review
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