does laser hair removal hurt

Autumn Robinson

BHRC content specialist with a BA in Women’s Health. Autumn is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Many people wonder – does laser hair removal hurt? The answer is not really. Though the procedure does involve some discomfort, the consensus from most of the people who have had the procedure is that it is far less painful than other methods of hair removal.  For people who are looking for…

affordable laser hair removal los angeles

Take Your Body Back – Affordable Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles

Everyone knows the drudgery of removing unwanted body hair. It’s embarrasing to have hair that shouldn’t be there peek out when you’re trying to put our best face forward.  You want it to be as though unsightly hair on the legs, underarms, chest, back, and bikini area just didn’t exist. What if that hair doesn’t have to? Affordable…

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