restylane rewards

Autumn Robinson

BHRC content specialist with a BA in Women’s Health. Autumn is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Restalyne Rewards – Less Stress, High Safety, and Scar Removal

Over time, the natural forces of aging can take a toll on the face. It’s a reality that everyone’s face must face. However we are not without tool to help us along the way in our pursuit of improving our appearance, and of all of the tools that are available to us it’s just hard to beat Restylane…

Dermal fillers under eyes

Using Dermal Fillers Under Eyes to Remove Under-Eye Hollows

If you’ve noticed dark circles or bags under your eyes lately, or if you are always being told you look tired, getting dermal fillers under eyes may be something you want to consider. These days, under eye fillers for dark circles are very popular, as the procedure is quick and works wonders to remove under-eye hollows. Not sure…

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