Thyroid / Hypothyroid

thyroid replacement therapy

Thyroid hormone, produced by the butterfly-shaped gland of the same name, helps regulate our heart rate, metabolism, body temperature, cholesterol level, weight, vision and menstrual regularity. Too much or too little of this vital hormone in our system can cause significant problems, and ones that are often misdiagnosed…even by doctors who present themselves as thyroid specialists!

And as we age, a deficiency of thyroid hormone can induce a syndrome known as hypothyroidism. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder include:

Slowed metabolism
Excessive fatigue
Uncontrollable weight gain
Memory loss
Sensitivity to cold
Menstrual problems
Hair loss
Weakened nails

In addition, when the gland is not producing enough hormone, the pituitary gland will start secreting Stimulating Hormone which forces the thyroid to work harder, often leading to an goiter.

Natural hormone supplementation therapy can prevent this unnecessary stress  as well as many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Getting Help for Hypothyroidism

Though the reasons are unclear, women are much more likely to be hypothyroid then men. Thyroid complications are particularly prevalent during perimenopause. Left untreated, issues can cause depression and rapid weight gain during this phase of a woman’s life.

Los Angeles’ Thyroid Specialists

The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has helped hundreds of women deal with the impact of low thyroid hormone and recover the energy, positive mood, physical condition and attractiveness they may have feared was gone forever.

At BHRC, we understand what you’re going through and we take the time required to get to the bottom of your issues. Then we work with you to create a treatment plan that’s tuned to your body and your needs.

Contact us today for a completely free, no-obligation consultation…because suffering is optional!

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