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Laser Hair Removal in Houston

Get laser hair removal in Houston using a concentrated beam of light at a specific wavelength and say goodbye to shaving and waxing! Restore your confidence with long lasting results.

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Laser Hair Removal  


Laser Hair Removal in Houston – Is it for You?

A laser hair removal service is for people whose hair grows fast and dark in unwanted areas like the legs, arms, under arms, bikini line, and face. Laser hair removal is also the best option for those with low pain tolerance. If you’re someone who only grows peach fuzz and only shaves monthly, then laser hair removal might not be worth it. If you’re someone who shaves every other day or goes to the salon for waxing often, then free yourself from these chains and book a free consultation.

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Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Houston – How it Works

Laser hair removal works by pulsing a range of different light wavelengths onto the target area which damages the follicles enough to slow growth. It is often used for laser hair removal on the face but is good for laser hair removal on the back and in other areas as well.

Laser hair removal uses a true red-spectrum, infrared, single-pulse beam to target the root of hair follicles. This concentrated beam kills the root after a few treatments, which leads to more permanent results. The more areas you want to be treated, the longer the session. Your upper-lip can be done in under 2 minutes, while back hair removal might take up to an hour. Whatever your laser hair removal needs, we design a treatment plan specifically for you.

3 Key Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you’re still on the fence about advanced laser hair removal, consider these three key benefits that make it more effective than conventional hair removal methods:

  1. Laser hair removal is less painful. No more cuts from shaving or painful waxing sessions. It targets only dark, coarse hairs and leaves surrounding skin undamaged.
  2. Laser hair removal is more cost-effective. The average shaver spends $10,000 over a lifetime and the average waxer spends over $23,000. Laser hair removal costs pale in comparison.
  3. Laser hair removal saves time. Sessions typically take between 2 and 15 minutes, with permanent results after 3 to 7 sessions. A small time investment up front gets rid of time spent waxing and shaving forever.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

According to the Hair Removal Journal, 45 percent of men who utilize a laser hair removal service have seen their hair totally removed, with another 22 percent seeing at least a 75 percent reduction. Millions of men are using advanced laser hair removal for back hair removal, as well as arm and chest hair removal.

Men typically have darker and thicker hair, so the only real difference between laser hair removal for men over women is the intensity and frequency of the treatment. Our med spa professionals at BHRC have experience getting optimal results for both men and women, which is another reason why we’re a go-to spot for laser hair removal in Houston.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Both men and women alike always ask if laser hair removal is painful before going through with their first session. Luckily, laser hair removal is pain-free for most people. A small portion of people report a slight irritation, but it goes away shortly after the session.

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Here are what some satisfied laser hair removal customers had to say about their experience:

“It’s astonishing how much time I had spent on grooming before and now I just don’t have to think about it, and I love that. Laser hair removal is the ultimate in low maintenance.” – Edith O.

“I love that I can wear a strapless dress and not have to worry about my underarms looking dark or having razor bumps. I feel more confident in a bathing suit now thanks to laser hair removal.” – Celeste M.

I’m so happy I made the choice to finally get rid of something that was bothering me for a long time. Something that made me feel so low about myself is now going away for good. I couldn’t be any happier.” – Jae C.

If reading these laser hair removal reviews has you ready to give advanced laser removal a try, schedule a consultation at our premier location for advanced laser hair removal in Houston.

Laser Hair Removal Houston: Prices

The cost of laser hair removal at our Houston medical spa varies from person to person, and it also depends on the area of treatment (e.g. underarm hair removal vs. leg hair removal). It's best to contact us via email or at (713)-322-5495 and we will give you the pricing for the service you need.

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Laser Hair Removal

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Back in 2005, Devin Haman and Dan Holtz opened the first Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center location because they refused to sit back and let the symptoms of aging take over their lives. What started as a single anti-aging med spa has expanded into a national franchise with locations in cities like Houston, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Boca Raton. We now offer a wide range of professional cosmetic solutions that go beyond just anti-aging.

One such solution is laser hair removal. We were one of the first med spas to incorporate diode laser hair removal treatments, and we have continuously upgraded our technology as better tools hit the market. Currently, we utilize Smooth Pulse Pro and Diolaze, as well as the Lumecca IPL quantum machine for IPL hair removal. We would love the chance to show you why we are one of the best laser hair removal med spas in Houston.

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