Microneedling in Houston

If you suffer from acne scarring, age lines, stretch marks,
hyper-pigmentation or rosacea, the microneedling procedure can help.
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Beautiful Skin, New You: Microneedling using the revolutionary SkinPen®

Microneedling Houston PreviewMicroneedling in Houston – How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is the process of injecting additional collagen into skin that has been damaged by age, life, and the environment. The addition of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) will also boost your natural collagen and elastin production, using your own plasma to nourish your skin cells and reduce the effects of aging.

At BHRC Houston, we use SkinPen®, to achieve the best skin tightening and rejuvenation results. SkinPen® is the first microneedling device cleared by the U.S. FDA, to be clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22 and up.  


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Is SkinPen® Safe for Skin?

Yes. SkinPen’s patent-pending, single-use,sterile needle cartridge is surrounded by a proprietary BioSheath barrier to prevent cross contamination between procedures.

* SkinPen should not be used on patients who have active skin cancer in the treatment area(s); open wounds, sores, or irritated skin in the treatment area(s); an allergy to stainless steel or anesthetics; a hemorrhagic (bleeding) disorder or hemostatic (bleeding) dysfunction; are pregnant or nursing; or are currently taking drugs with the ingredient isotretinoin (such as Accutane).

Microneedling Results – How Long Does it Take to See Progress?

With prep time included, the complete microneedling procedure takes about 2 hours. You’ll start to see minor results after one session, but optimal results occur after 4 to 6 sessions, and sessions should be 4 to 6 weeks apart.  * PRP procurement may require an additional session.

Microneedling with PRP:

Get a natural looking facial faster and more effective than creams and exfoliants alone.  Combine microneedling with platelet-rich plasma which stimulates collagen production and advanced skin healing. Platelet-rich plasma, which are platelets extracted from your own blood, offer the following benefits for your face:

  • They are rich in growth factors.

  • They help your skin function optimally, increase collagen, and increase elastin.

  • They act as antioxidants and have hydrating properties that act as a powerful anti-aging methods.

Where can I go for a Microneedling Facial Near Me?

Your local med spa is the place to go if you want a microneedling facial. At-home microneedling rollers like the Dermapen only get a fraction of the results and are exponentially more dangerous than going to a trained medical professional.

BHRC Houston is the place to go for facials in Houston, including the microneedling facial, IPL facial, and HydraFacial. Call (713) 322-5495 to have a medical professional with years of microneedling experience evaluate your skin to see if SkinPen microneedling + PRP is the right treatment for you.

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Microneedling With PRP

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