Is Vaginal Botox Really A Thing, and Why Would You Want It?

Botox in your vagina! Sounds really strange, right? Well, not until you learn just how much vaginal botox has changed many women’s lives. And the lives of their partners.

While there are still no clear standards or professional guidelines on administering vaginal botox, studies have shown the procedure can positively impact on your health and lifestyle. So exactly why would anyone want it and what problems does it solve?

Vaginal Botox For Vaginismus

Vaginismus can range from mildly discomforting to extremely painful. It’s a condition where the vaginal muscles spasm or squeeze up whenever you try to insert anything. Often, painful penetrative sex is the first sign that a woman has vaginismus.

Doctors normally prescribe pain medication and advise you to try progressive desensitization exercise such as Kegels. Vaginal botox offers an easier way to desensitize, with faster and lasting results.

Vaginal botox for vaginismus is safe, simple, and gives immediate results. And the vaginal tension that causes the spasmodic effects can heal completely over time.

Vaginal Botox For Endometriosis

Do you have the following symptoms:

  • Painful vaginal penetration whether during intercourse or when using tampons?
  • Cramping during intercourse
  • Pain during pelvic examinations
  • Pain and cramping during urination or bowel movements?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you better get checked for Endometriosis. Endometriosis is when tissue that normally lines up the uterus grows outside the uterus. The areas affected most include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic cavity, bowels, bladder, cervix, and the vagina.

Doctors traditionally recommend medication and surgery for the pain. Recent studies show that vaginal botox can deliver the same results at a fraction of the cost and with a shorter recovery period.

Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic condition also known as the painful bladder syndrome. It causes bladder pressure, pelvic pain, and general discomfort.

It makes you feel like you’re ready to unleash a whole ocean of piss but when you get to the bathroom only a few droplets come out. Vaginal botox has been shown to relieve the pressure and the pain, though there currently isn’t any cure for the condition.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The pelvic floor is a group of strong muscles that hold and support your pelvic organs in place. These organs include your bladder, bowels, rectum, and uterus. By relaxing and contracting these muscles, you control your bowel and bladder movements.

If these muscles become weak, then you lose control. Botox basically stops your pelvic floor muscles from contracting, therefore easing the pain associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Vaginal Botox As A Cosmetic Procedure

It has earned the name “labia puffing”. Vaginal botox and other dermal fillers have been used to boost the volume of the labia majora. The cosmetic procedure is said to also improve elasticity, remove wrinkles and creases, and boost libido.

A woman’s labia majora naturally plumps up when she’s aroused due to increased blood flow. However, because of aging and childbearing, the effect fades out with time. This makes the vagina look aged and to some, unattractive. Labia puffing makes your vagina look younger and boosts your self confidence.

Why Vaginal Botox Might Be For You

Yes, vaginal botox is a thing, and it can work wonders for the conditions listed above. More often than not, you will have to pair up the treatment with the use of dilators, physiotherapy, progressive desensitization, creams, and pills. Botox can help your muscles relax and vaginal pain to subside.

This allows you to experience normal menstruation without the severe pain and cramping. It may also improve your sex life by making penetration more enjoyable. It will most definitely improve your lifestyle if it solves any incontinence issues you might be experiencing.



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