Yoda Shares His 8 Anti-Aging Tips for Aspiring Members of the Jedi Order

Yoda admits, he’s let his guard down over the years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent the appearance of spotted and wrinkled skin. To help aspiring members of the Star Wars Jedi Order this “May the Fourth Be With You” day, Yoda has kindly shared his 8 most useful anti-aging tips that he’s used regularly throughout his multiple appearances on Star Wars, and even he seemed surprised at his results. Being a modest creature, he’s the first to claim that you don’t need to be a master of the Force to achieve the youthful looking skin that he did.

So, how did Yoda do it? Let’s find out, check this Anti-Aging Tips…

1. Beware Intergalactic Rays

Yoda will be the first to admit that he’s seen far too much intergalactic sunray action during the Star Wars saga. Unfortunately for Yoda, it’s too late to reverse his skin pigmentation spots, leathery textured skin, and deep wrinkles, but you still have time. If you plan to spend a little extra time fighting Darth Vader, then perhaps you should pack a little broad spectrum sunscreen and daily moisturizer before your own Star Wars epic, to prevent the harsh impact of intergalactic rays from affecting your skin.

2. Quit Smoking, You Must

“Luke, listen to the Force. Guide you, it will.” Luke took advantage of Yoda’s Anti-Aging Tips, and never got the habit of smoking started, and look where he is today! The truth is, no matter which Star Wars galaxy you’re saving, smoking can reduce collagen in the skin and can cause aging signs.

3. Eat Green and Fresh

Anything green, is good. Swamp weed, tree leaves, and mossy undergrowths beneath trees are all ripe for the picking, according to Yoda. These nutritious foods have antioxidant properties, which can help you achieve an optimum protection against free radicals.

4. Flex Your Own Force

As a past member of the Star Wars Jedi Order himself, Yoda can attest that getting a dose of daily physical exercise can provide your body with more energy, increase blood flow to your skin, strengthen your bones, raise your metabolic rate and build muscle mass. Don’t cheat by using the Force either…

5. Bathe and Soak

As a firm believer in swamp-dips and follow-up mud baths, Yoda’s fifth anti-aging tip is to ensure you wash away any cosmic dust and harmful bacteria from your skin, then moisturize with a good quality mud bath. The combination of the two are reported to be “powerful, this is”.

6. Take an Anti–Aging Supplement

When it comes to anti-aging supplements, nothing compares to the Dagobah swamp beetle, in the eyes of Yoda anyway. Taking a daily dose of Dagobah swamp beetle can boost your antioxidant intake, and they apparently contain high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3. Who would’ve thought…

7. Drink Weird and Wonderful Tonics

Although Yoda’s youth-tonic of choice has been known to be mushroom tonic with a chaser of willow sap, he realizes such ingredients aren’t always easy to come by outside the Star Wars realm. Instead, you can achieve a similar benefit by drinking lots of water. This will hydrate your skin from within, and assist in making you look years younger.

8. Rest

Yoda didn’t achieve a ripe-old age that exceeded 900 Earth-years by continually chasing the next Jedi victory in yet another Star Wars trilogy. A secret that he shares with you here, is that the key to his impressive age is getting enough sleep. While you sleep and rest the body releases growth hormones, which stimulate cell growth. It thus makes you look young and fresh.
How did Yoda, the Star Wars icon, live to over 900 Earth years? We can only assume that he knew what he was doing when it comes to anti-aging, and his 8 tips shared here will surely help you reach the peak of your game, and unleash the force within. Go forth, and serve the Jedi Order for years to come with these powerful anti-aging tips from the master himself.

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