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Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy

Use the amazing healing and rejuvenating powers of light by way of the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy. Get LED light to alleviate muscular and joint pain, heal damaged tissues faster, regenerate cells to reverse aging, and boost energy with the creation of new mitochondria.

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Stimulate the ATP responses of your body so that it regenerates and heals itself without the need for medication and artificial agents. The NovoTHOR Light Pod uses low level laser to induce your body to rejuvenate and get back its health and vitality. 

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The photobiomodulation therapy provided by the light pod at Scottsdale can work to reduce the inflammation in your muscles and tissues. Feel the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and injuries lifting as your body revives in response to the natural processes of light. 

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Dispense with the need for medication and drugs as low-intensity laser light works to reduce the oxidative stress your body goes through. Ease lower back and neck pain and heal injuries faster thanks to the healing powers of light that revives and invigorates you. 

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Use the fat reduction powers of light to attain that gorgeous, toned body with natural methods. Feel and look youthful and energetic as the light induces your body to develop new mitochondria. Allow the magical effects of light to halt and even reverse the signs of aging. 

Low Level Laser Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona

Many cultures across the world believe in the power of light and its healing and regenerative properties. The Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy clinic offers you a very sophisticated method of using this power by way of LED lasers. The NovoTHOR PBM light bed looks similar to a tanning bed but gives your body much more than a tan. It infuses your body with red or near infrared light in sessions that can last from a minute to ten minutes at a time. Take the treatment at our Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and you will emerge from the pod feeling revived and rejuvenated as the light heals your body cells.

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How Does the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy Work

Science has long proved that light can cause certain photochemical changes in your body. These changes can affect the cell tissues, membranes, enzymes, and cellular organelles of your body. In response to the stimulation, these cells regenerate and repair themselves. By working on damaged tissue, the light induces healing. You will notice that the pain you felt in your muscles and joints is relieved, and the injuries heal faster after you spend time taking the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy.

Medical Benefits of the Low Level Laser Therapy at Scottsdale

Light can be used at different wavelengths for various purposes. If used at high-intensity levels, doctors can use it safely to perform surgeries. On the other hand, low-intensity beams can induce stagnant cells to resume functioning. Since the light works only on damaged tissues, it is very safe to use. It can reduce the inflammation in your muscles, tendons, and joints. Thus, you’ll feel relief from the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and other similar issues. This therapy can also help cure lower back and neck pain. It can also help stroke patients recover faster.

Aesthetic Benefits of the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy 

In addition to the many medical benefits, the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy can help you reverse the signs of aging. It can make your skin regenerate so that it looks younger and vibrant. Light can also work to dissolve your fat cells and is thus a natural way to lose weight. Get a beautiful tones body without the need for medication and other artificial methods. In some case, light therapy can also stimulate hair growth, and can also be used to accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries.

Why Opt for the Low Level Laser Therapy

The miraculous healing powers of light are available for your use at the Scottsdale Low Level Laser Therapy clinic. Perhaps, its best positive is that you can heal your body naturally by using a very natural method that does not involve surgery or medication. Light can reduce the oxidative stress your body goes through so that it rejuvenates itself by creating new mitochondria, the storehouses of energy inside your body.

You only need to contact our Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and book a free consultation. Our expert professionals are present on site to help you with all the information you need. Take a session of the laser light therapy and you will step out looking young, invigorated and awesome.

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The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center first opened with the intention of providing residents of Southern California with a place to find unrivaled health and anti-aging care. Featuring only the absolute best in anti-aging products and the latest, top of the line machines, BHRC offer an experience unlike any other.

The idea for Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center started when founders Devin Haman and Dan Holtz, began to feel the effects of aging, despite their very active lifestyles. Devin and Dan were not content to simply accept symptoms such as loss of muscle mass, fatigue, and thinning hair as a result of aging, and realized that there were thousands like them who were dealing with the same problems.
BHRC strives to provide all of our patients with the latest and most advanced health and anti-aging procedures and programs. Treatment takes place in a comfortable, supportive, and discreet environment.

Since the opening of our first Los Angeles location in 2005, BHRC has opened additional locations in Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and is continuing to expand. With the goal of providing unparalleled health and anti-aging services all across America.

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