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7 Celebrity Secrets to Reduce Thigh Fat Revealed

How do celebrities do it? How do they manage to reduce thigh fat and maintain such slim model-like legs all year long, year upon year? Do they all have superior genetics? Are they eating better? Going to better-equipped gyms? Or do their celebrity trainers dose them on some magical potions the rest of us mere mortals know nothing about?

Thigh fat are some of the most stubborn fat cells in the human body. They frustratingly refuse to disappear no matter how much exercise we engage in or what diet we get on. Nonetheless, a look at some celebrities who have managed to eliminate thigh fat reveals some of the methods that work.

1. Mama June Shannon – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When Mama June Shannon had her Baywatch-themed photo shoot in May, 2017, she stunned the world with her transformation. Even with a complete documentation of the whole slimming process and her debut in March when she unveiled her slim new body, the change was still awe-inspiring.

The 37 year old reality show star has shed 300 lbs after undergoing a series of multiple surgeries. The one widely held as most responsible for the drastic weight loss is the gastric sleeve surgery. Seeing her much slimmer thighs in the Baywatch swimsuit would make anyone envious and ready to take on the pain of multiple surgeries.

2. Kate Moss – Antioxidants

Lucky for us, Kate Moss steps in and shows us there are far less painful ways to achieve a slim figure and perfect thighs. At age 43, the English supermodel still sports well-toned, sculpted, smooth thighs to die for. But like everyone else, she has had to battle cellulite and thigh fat.

To fight thigh fat, Kate Moss takes to the advice of Dr. Howard Murad, a celebrity dermatologist. Dr. Murad’s methods are diet-based. His top advice revolves around eating antioxidant-rich foods. Apart from Kate Moss, other stars in Dr. Murad’s stable include Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston among many others.

3. Khloe Kardashian – CoolSculpting Video Review!

Khloe, like the other Kardashians, is rarely shy about her cosmetic procedures. And it was no different when she tried out CoolSculpting. The process is basically the freezing to death of fat cells and letting the body remove the dead cells through its natural processes.

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, but rather a body sculpting procedure. It’s ideal for someone who’s already in good shape but wants to shave off those stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate through exercise and diet. Khloe swears by the procedure, and so do other stars such as Kris Jenner, Molly Sims, and Gretchen Rossi.

4. Britney Spears – Zerona (Maybe)

There is absolutely no evidence that Britney has ever used Zerona or any other cosmetic procedure to reduce her thigh fat. However, back in 2014 she was spotted poring through Zerona pamphlets with a keen look of interest.

The “Oops, I Did it Again” singer was studying the Zerona informational booklets which she apparently picked at her dermatologist’s office in Westlake, California. So, did she ever use Zerona or didn’t she? We may never know the answer to that. What we know is the 35 year old singer has a great pair of strong legs with smooth thighs.

5. Missy Elliott – Spin Class

The Now 46 year old rap superstar has always been known for her hefty body. But that was until 2008 when she was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. When her doctor warned of the likelihood of a cardiovascular incident, Missy decided it was time to act.

In 2014, Missy amazed everyone as she performed at the Alexander Wang H&M collection launch. She was over 70 lbs lighter and her waist and thighs looked slimmer than they had ever been. While she attributes the dramatic weight loss to a combination of different diets and exercise regimens, she felt the spin classes did the most in improving her appearance.

6. Kim Kardashian – VelaShape

VelaShape is a non-invasive procedure used to reduce thigh fat and cellulite. It also works well for slimming lower body parts such as the tummy and hips. The procedure uses a device that combines bipolar radiofrequency, infrared, massage rollers, and pulsed vacuum.

Kim has nothing but good things to say about the procedure. Reportedly, the results she got after undergoing the procedure included overall reduced volume and improved skin texture.

7. Jennifer Aniston – Body Wraps

Jennifer Aniston remains one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities today. Her limber body and supermodel features have won her admiration from fans and fellow stars. According to a US Weekly news article, the star reportedly had a lymphatic-draining massage and algae-wrap treatment meant to reduce cellulite.

While the algae wrap doesn’t really reduce thigh fat, it is designed to reduce the uneven and dimpled effect of cellulite.

How Celebrities Reduce Thigh Fat

We all have different body types, and different ways to cope with weight gain. Celebrities also face many of the same weight issues that us regular folk contend with. Diet and exercise are the best and most natural ways to safely reduce thigh fat. Nonetheless, there are emerging cosmetic procedures that provide quicker and even longer lasting positive results.

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