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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The Dr. Angie weight loss programs is proven to be the most comprehensive plan in the nation and designed to improve health, strengthen the metabolism, and optimize age-related decline.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The Dr. Angie weight loss programs is proven to be the most comprehensive plan in the nation and designed to improve health, strengthen the metabolism, and optimize age-related decline.

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9 Secrets to Staying Young & Looking Even Younger

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The cornerstone of sustainable weight loss is a well designed, individualized nutrition plan, based on your medical and health needs.

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Weight loss success requires a targeted fitness system to shape your body, improve your cardiovascular system, and trim your waistline.

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Are your hormones balanced? Our hormone optimization therapy will reset your body, and have you avoid hormonal weight gain.

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Accountability &

Get guidance and accountability to drive you forward, and tools required to make your  goal a reality, not just a dream.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

The key to lasting weight loss, and the cornerstone to Dr. Angie’s program, is a well designed, individualized nutrition plan based on your medical and health needs.

Whether you’ve got heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, celiac disease, or any other ailment, there’s a nutritional plan that can be designed just for you. The Dr. Angie program is designed to provide healthy, nutritious food at the appropriate caloric level to avoid damaging your metabolism – nutritious food that is full of nutrients but low in calories. This type of high-vitamin nutrition helps to stress proof your adrenals and improve the number and health of your gut bacteria – both vital for ultimate health and sustained weight loss

And staying true to your faith will no longer prevent you from losing weight. A customized nutritional plan will comply with your moral beliefs and lifestyle, so you get the best of both worlds. For example, if you’re a vegan, you won’t have to eat meat or dairy products as part of your eating plan.

Our fully customized meal plan and personalized weight loss coaching are some of the many advantages of our proven weight loss program.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

Hormones: The Hidden Weight Gain Culprit

Little do most people know, that age related hormone decline is a common cause of weight gain, especially in women. Some people are lucky, but most of us experience a severe disruption in our hormonal balance which causes a poor quality of life, and a major change in health. To counteract this hormone induced weight gain, you need to optimize your hormonal response.

Most women experience significant weight gain in a bimodal pattern, starting hormonal weight gain in their 30’s, then again in their 50’s after menopause. Dr Angie’s program will regulate your hormonal imbalance, and kick your weight loss efforts into top gear.

For Optimal Results, You Need an Action Plan

To shape your body and improve your cardiovascular system as your body undergoes significant weight transformation, you need a customized fitness program to support your fitness goals. Don’t be fooled. Strenuous, exhausting exercises don’t lead to significant loss of weight and should be avoided when trying to lose weight because of inflammation and an inability to sustain such intensity for any useful period of time.

Instead, it’s important to engage in sustainable, moderate exercise – workouts that are sustainable and which don’t leave you prone to injury.

Guaranteed Results With a Coach

When you’re trying to lose weight, you need somebody who can guide you along the way, provide you with helpful tools, offer tried and tested experience, and keep you accountable to your goals. That person, is your coach. Dr Angie’s comprehensive program incorporates weekly check-ins for clients, to keep the weight loss momentum going, and to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

Weight Loss is More Than Just What You Do

What many weight loss programs fail to address, is the many barriers to it that lie in the mind, far beyond the physical realm. In fact, many mental barriers including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and lack of willpower and motivation, can all hamper your goals. As part of a balanced, effective program, Dr Angie assesses your psychology and tailors a program around your unique background to ensure your best chance at adherence and continuity.

Why Our Program Works

The most important factor in an effective program is sustainability through life long lifestyle modifications. In order to make lifestyle modifications, you need a well designed plan that is individualized and tailored to be accommodating for your lifestyle. Combine this with a program that focuses on health rather than the pounds gained or lost, you have a powerful  program which actually works, both now and in the future.

STOP! These Diet Plans for Women Don’t Work. Here’s Why

The fact is, most diet plans for women don’t work. In fact, within a year most dieters end up gaining even more weight. Here’s why they don’t work and what you can do to achieve your weight loss goals.


Most of us approach a diet as a temporary eating plan to achieve a short term goal. Change your mindset from a temporary diet to a permanent nutrition plan. Once you change your mindset it will be easier to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Against Biology

Most diets work on the premise of denying yourself food to achieve fast gains. However, the body reacts to the drastic change in available food by storing up fat and water. Choose a structured plan that works with your hormones to burn up more fat and store less.

Diets Aren’t Fun

We tend to stick to activities we enjoy and only do what we don’t enjoy if it’s absolutely necessary. Most diet plans seem like a punishment. That’s why we discard them as soon as we hit our weight goal. Then we end up gaining even more weight. Pick a diet strategy that is enjoyable and sustainable for long term gains.

No Accountability

Self-help is noble. However, if you’re not accountable to anyone you end up only taking action when you feel like. With a structured program, you have expert advice and positive people cheering you on.

Lacks Physical Activity

A diet plan can only provide satisfactory results if backed up by a sound and sustainable exercise regimen. Plot a daily workout routine that suits your lifestyle and takes into consideration your daily calorie needs.

Why Diet Plans for Women Fail

Temporary diet plans will never result in permanent weight loss. To achieve and maintain your ideal weight, you have a better chance working with experts. Pick enjoyable healthy foods and plot a sustainable workout plan. Avoid biological stressors that may end up in further weight gains. Change your mindset from a punitive diet plan to an enjoyable lifestyle change.


Medical Spa & Anti-Aging Center

At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, our primary goal as a premier wellness center and anti-aging medical spa, is to rebalance and rejuvenate your body, and allow you to feel in control again. BHRC makes use of the latest advancements in medical knowledge and technology to make that happen. For over 10 years, we’ve led the pack when it comes to cutting edge technologies, pioneering a proprietary hormone optimization therapy program, as well as offering a high level of service to the wellness and aesthetics industries.

Among the treatments offered to BHRC clients are Neocutis bio serums, a suite of InMode body contouring technologies, BodyFX fat and cellulite removal, stem cell therapy, Ultherapy non-surgical facelift, NeoGraft hair restoration, CVAC hypobaric chamber, BHRT, HydraFacial, Botox Cosmetic dermal fillers, medical grade peels, Vanquish ME, and many more.

There are currently BHRC medical spas in a number of locations across the U.S.: Los Angeles, Dallas, Scottsdale, Southlake, and the newest addition, Newport Beach.


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Reasons Why Weight Loss is a Must

Fewer Allergies and Asthma Symptoms: For some people, being overweight contributes to worsened asthma and allergies, as it puts a burden on your adrenal glands which are involved in managing asthma and allergies. Being overweight is also a strain on your respiratory system, and can trigger asthma symptoms.

Glowing Skin: Skin elasticity and color suffer with a poor nutrition. Diets high in carbohydrates and sugar can cause skin pallor and skin tags, while darkness around the eyes can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia, protein anemia, diabetes, or stress. A program that targets nutrition will help.

Arthritis Prevention: Inflammation in the body is linked to weight gain. A number of studies have noted that losing weight improves arthritis pain due mainly to the improved diet and exercise habits you adopt.

Improved Mood: When you’re overweight, the hormones that impact your mood become imbalanced. As a result, losing weight can improve your hormonal response, and decrease the severity of emotional tendencies such as depression. PMS also can be helped by losing weight, as the loss of fat tissue can have a positive effect on your hormonal balance.

You’ll Sleep Better: A recent study of people with sleep apnea and diabetes discovered that those who lost the most weight showed a significant decrease in sleep apnea symptoms.

Potentially Reverse or Avoid Type 2 Diabetes: With good nutrition, balanced exercise, and an effective weight loss plan, you can indeed reverse and avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes. You can’t beat that for weight-loss motivation.

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